Lets see Angular 5 Features and Benefits

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February 26, 2018
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Lets see Angular 5 Features and Benefits

JavaScript MVW system Angular is back with its most recent rendition. In spite of the fact that there were some deferrals in its discharge which was foreseen in September and October, Angular group as of late reported its most recent adaptation Angular 5.0 on November 1, 2017.

Angular 5.0 is acquainted with the aphorism with make it speedier, lighter and simple to utilize. Aside from this Angular Team has attempted endeavours to make dynamic web applications less demanding on Angular 5.0 and included Material Design compatibilities.

What’s new in Angular 5.0?

  • The key features of Angular 5.0 are as follows:
  • Simpler Progressive Web Applications
  • Material Design
  • Build optimizer
  • Angular Universal API and DOM
  • Improved Compiler and Typescript
  • CLI v1.5
  • Router Hooks
  • Number, date and currency pipes update

Simpler Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are generating much hype these days. Understanding this trend, Angular Team has put emphasis to simplify the PWA making process. Not only that, with Angular 5.0 it is possible to get the features of native mobile applications with the mobile web apps such as push notifications and offline experience. This is made possible as Angular can create code and configuration with Angular-CLI on its own.

Material Design Components

Another significant refresh in Angular 5.0 is that Material Design parts are presently made good with server-side rendering. In any case, this component has not been discharged until further notice.

Built Optimizer

Angular 5.0 comes with build optimizer tool. It makes the application lighter and faster by removing unnecessary runtime code as well as unnecessary additional parts. Ultimately the size of the JavaScript decreases, and application becomes much faster.

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Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM

Angular 5.0 comes with Angular Universal State Transfer API and DOM support for sharing code between server and client-side versions of an application. Angular Universal renders the application on the server side. This increases the perceived performance of the application.

Improved compiler and Typescript

Typescript was presented in Angular 2.0 and alongside the updates in Angular more up to date forms of typescript were likewise presented. The Angular compiler for Angular 5.0 accompanies typescript 2.3 that makes the modified super-quick.

CLI v1.5

By default, all the projects on Angular 5 are now generated by CLI v1.5.

Router Hooks

Developers can now track the router cycles from the start of running guards till the activation is completed.

Number, date and currency pipes update

Earlier Angular was dependant on the browsers to get the number, date and currency format. This resulted in inconsistency for users. But now in Angular 5.0, international number, date and currency have been standardized.

 How to update to Angular 5?

Angular team has set up an easy Angular Update Guide that will navigate you through the update process and get insights you need before you update.

Future Updates

With two major release within a year, Angular team has plans to release Angular 6 and 7 in upcoming year. They have already shared a tentative schedule for the future updates.



There is almost certainly that Angular is the most prominent JavaScript structure. Google is putting endeavours to gain it better and the ground can be seen by contrasting the underlying arrival of AngularJS with the most recent rendition. Precise 5.0 is pressed with some stunning highlights alongside its center ones like reliance infusions. Every one of these updates make it speedier, lighter and simple to utilize. To be sure, Angular is a super heroic structure that is gainful to the two engineers and clients.


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